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Timothy Alexander Visit: A Message of Hope to Greeley’s Youth

The start of the school year was particularly inspirational at nine District 6 secondary schools in August. Timothy Alexander, who was one of our keynote presenters at the 3rd annual Youth Leadership Forum back on June 1st, returned to Greeley to further share his story of hope and courage. On three-day visit of Greeley schools, Timothy shared his inspirational story 12 different times to more than 6,000 District 6 students and staff.

For those not in the loop, just over 10 years ago, Timothy was a passenger in a car accident that ultimately left him paralyzed from the waist down. At the time, he was a highly regarded high school football player in Birmingham, Alabama. Timothy’s life was changed forever by the accident, and his story of amazing courage and unwavering hope has positively impacted adults and students across our D6 schools! As Director of Student Support, Partnerships, & Athletics, Bob Billings stated, “In more than 30 years in education, I have never seen anything like it! The impact of Timothy’s message was nothing short of incredible!”

There are few people that have the ability to silence an entire gym full of teenagers and keep their undivided attention for any length of time. Timothy’s powerful message of persistence and resilience fully engaged and positively impacted Greeley students and staff. After each presentation at all 12 schools, students lined up to talk to Timothy, give him a hug, and take a picture. Many students shared personal stories and thanked Timothy for giving them hope and a new perspective.

Below is a snapshot of his visit to Greeley Schools:

August 23
Franklin: All students
Jefferson: All students
West: All students                              
McAuliffe: grades 5 & 6
Brentwood: All students  
Central Football Team      

August 24                                 
Central: Freshmen class                                
Northridge: All students                                
Winograd: Grades 4-8
Northridge Football Team          
West Football Team                                      

August 25
Heath: All students

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