Greeley Art Commission

We are a twelve member volunteer board appointed by City Council to administer the provisions of the Public Art Ordinance relating to the acquisition of works of art and their display. We are supported by City staff from the Culture, Parks and Recreation Department and City Council has final approval on recommended projects.

Art in Public Places

The Art in Public Places program provides a means to fund, select, display and maintain artwork which becomes part of the City's permanent art collection. The City's objectives are to accept art which recognizes and fosters a broad range of social, cultural and historic values and to integrate art and the ideas of artists into public settings that contribute to a sense of the City’s identity.

The mission of the program is to integrate the work and thinking of artists and other design professionals into the planning, design, building, and development of Greeley. The intent of the program is to expand opportunities for residents to experience art in public places, thereby creating visually pleasing and aesthetic environments. It is the expressed desire of the City to promote the creation of a variety of visual arts, enhance new and existing public spaces, and distribute works of art throughout the city.

The Art In Public Places program directly contributes to the city council priorities of economic development, infrastructure, and image.

3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:00pm

Greeley Recreation Center, Room 201, 651 10th Avenue (verify meeting dates by checking the agendas)


CC Greeley Art Commission

Jim Klingman (term ends 10/2017)
Kristin Zasada (term ends 10/2018)
Susan Todd (term ends 10/2018)
Richard S. Munson (term ends 10/2018)
Ed Rogers (term ends 10/2019)
Shirley Llafet (term ends 10/2019)
Sandy Magnuson (Parks and Recreation Rep)
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