2017 Ballot Measures and League of Women Voters Pro-Con Statements

Ballot Measure 2K Additional Keep Greeley Moving Revenue

As part of the “Keep Greeley Moving” road tax approved by voters in 2015, the City made a best estimate of tax revenue to be generated.

The economy has been strong and has generated more tax revenue than estimated

This 2017 measure is a request to allow the City to put those additional funds to work on road repairs and capacity improvements.

Ballot Measure 2L Greeley Opt-Out SB-152

This ballot measure asks voters to allow the City to “Opt-Out” of Senate Bill 152 currently in place and return local authority to investigate options for providing broadband services directly or indirectly via public or private partnerships.

This vote does not request additional taxes from the citizens or require expenditures from the City

Broadband Information

City Charter Updates

As a home rule charter city, we are required to ask voters to approve updates to the current City charter. This year there will be four of these updates on the ballot

CEO | 2017 Ballot Initiatives

Ballot Measure 2M Greeley's Form of Government
Ballot Measure 2N Municipal Judge’s Requirements
Ballot Measure 2O Revocable Permits
Ballot Measure 2P Terms for the Planning Commission
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