City of Greeley Broadband Initiative

In 2017, Greeley Voters approved Measure 2L which allows a City of Greeley exemption to Senate Bill 152, regarding local control of fiber-optic broadband.

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What is Broadband?
Why is Greeley investigating high-speed broadband?
What is the difference between Broadband and internet?
Why is high-speed broadband important to Greeley?
Is high-speed broadband available in Greeley?
Is the City going to become my internet provider?
Didn’t we already vote to allow the City to provide Broadband?
What is Greeley’s position on Net Neutrality?
How would having high-speed broadband affect the community?

Project Status

  • 2020 – Citizen Broadband Task Force


    • Broadband Citizen Task Force Meetings – 4th Thursday of each month at 4pm
    • Jan: VantagePoint Solutions – VPS will present business, financial and operating model for a City-run network and discuss technical, regulatory considerations.
    • Jan: City financial services – Discussion on bonding support and other financial considerations for the City in regards to model options.
    • Feb: Committee Discussion – Review options around recommendation to City Council
    • Feb: Broadband Citizen Task Force votes to recommend to City Council the public private partnership (P3) model. Presentation to City Council on March 10th.
  • 2019 – Citizen Broadband Task Force


    • Broadband Citizen Task Force Meetings – 4th Thursday of each month at 4pm
    • May: engaged in an in-depth review of the 2018 Greeley Broadband Feasibility study;
    • June: reviewed the data gathered and a report on the public private partnership (P3) opportunities that may be available to Greeley;
    • July: received presentations and information from the City’s community outreach third party consultant on its qualitative studies with citizens and business focus groups. These studies produced a valuable information about the impression residents and businesses have of municipal broadband.
    • Aug & Sept: Presentations scheduled from Fort Morgan and Fort Collins on their process and lessons.
    • Oct: Uptown Services – community survey results presentation
    • Nov: Allo Communications – presentation on public private partnership options
    • Dec: Comcast/Xfinity – presentation on current provider options and future plans for the community
  • 2019 – Community Outreach


    • Citizen and Business Focus Group Meetings Completed - See excerpts in the side panel, or full list of information gathered from the focus groups can be found in our documents section
    • Upcoming: Citizen and Business Qualitative Survey – Results in October - In an effort to gather statistically valid qualitative data regarding the community’s needs and potential gaps with current broadband service, the City’s third party community outreach consultant will conduct a survey process of residents and businesses.
  • 2018-2019 Phase II – Data Gathering & Ordinance Development


    • Organizing citizen committee
    • Collaboration with neighboring communities
    • Stakeholder review of policy suggestion
    • Provide Dig Once policies to City Council for review
  • 2018 Phase I Feasibility Study Complete by NEOConnect


    • Develop broadband friendly ordinances / Dig Once policies
    • Develop Citizen Committee for engagement
    • Review anchor institution partnership opportunities
    • Review existing providers potential for partnerships
    • Develop comprehensive citizen survey on issue


  • Nov 2017 SB-152 Exemption Approved

    Citizens Vote to Approve Exemption to Senate Bill 152

  • 2016 City Council approves city initiative

    City Council approves city initiative to study high speed broadband issues in Greeley

Financial Studies

Broadband Community Outreach

Broadband Task Force Recommendations

Broadband Task Force Documents

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From the 2019 Focus Groups

“Move quickly and add incentives for both business and residential use.”
“You can do it buddy! I think customer service is the #1 and would be concerned in keeping that a main priority. As long as you are keeping people happy, I feel like they would come and stay.” – Citizen
“If Greeley decides to move forward with this, don’t go it alone! Get a public / private partnership.”
“Do it right the first time! Take advice from others that have already done it and do it better!”
“Make broadband reliable and set the price fairly. Maintain the price (fair) throughout service. Have the ability to expand and improve.”
“Think big! Build for the future because technology is changing so fast. Under-promise and over deliver.”
“Keep Greeley and the community in charge of its own broadband in the most cost effective way possible. Listen to feedback.”