Campaign Finance

Local candidates and committees file all campaign finance reports with the City Clerk. This includes candidate committees, as well as local political and issue committees.

Candidates must form a candidate committee to accept contributions and make expenditures under the authority of that candidate, unless they opt to be a standalone candidate who does not accept contributions and only spends their own money. Candidate committees must register with the City Clerk's Office before accepting contributions or making expenditures.

There are standard reporting deadlines for all candidates and committees, noted in the election calendar above. In addition, additional reports may be required depending upon specific campaign activities.

For more information about campaign finance law and reporting requirements, review the following resources:

Campaign Finance Forms

All campaign finance forms are available to on the Secretary of State's website. Most forms have both a PDF and Word version ready to download.

The most commonly used forms for local candidates are also available to download below, as fillable PDFs. A spreadsheet version of the Contributions and Expenditures Packet is also available below.

Committee Registration Forms

All committee registration forms submitted in 2021 are linked below.

*In some instances, a committee may be in existence prior to 2021 and continuing in this election cycle. In that instance, the committee registration form would not be posted here. If any amendments to a prior committee registration are filed, they are provided below as well.

2021 1st Report - Due 10-12

2021 2nd Report - Due 10-29

2021 3rd Report - Due 11-2

2021 Annual Report - Due Nov. 1

These annual reports are required for any open committees that are not active in the current election year.