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Autumn Leaves & Stormwater

Fall is upon us!

stormwater-fallAlong with the cooler weather, the coming of autumn also means that the trees around the city will soon be shedding their leaves. While the vibrant colors of autumn leaves may be nice to look at, they may also present a water quality problem if they are not dealt with properly.

The addition of phosphorous to our rivers and lakes can end up depleting the oxygen that fish and other aquatic organisms need to survive. A study conducted by the USGS found that the total amount of phosphorous contributed to stormwater annually from leaf litter can be reduced from 56 percent to 16 percent if everyone does their part to clean up! So, what can you do to help?

  • Rake your lawn and bag your leaves
  • Do not dump your leaf litter down storm drains
  • Make sure leaf litter is cleaned up at the end of your driveway
  • Check the weather! If there is a rain in the forecast make sure you don’t put off yard work
  • Recycle your organic waste at the GROW Center , 1130 E. 8th Street (673-2042)
  • You can report clogged inlets through these three points of contact:

For more information on Stormwater, visit

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