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Local Branding Toolkit

The City of Greeley is working with volunteers from local communities and organizations to build a homegrown 2020 Census effort. The goal of this community-led campaign is to inform our residents about the importance of this effort, while working to achieve a complete and accurate count. We also built a local branding toolkit that was both representative and responsive to our communities needs. 

In working with residents and members of our local Complete Count Committee, we found that representation is important to our local residents, and that simply using the word "counting" may make our residents feel like numbers, rather than residents of our community that matter. 

Federal census messaging uses the tagline "Shape Your Future." Statewide census messaging uses the tagline "Everyone Counts in Colorado." The local messaging we created takes engagement a step further to share that in our communities "We Count. We Matter." 

Usable branding documentation and branding information are available through the linked documents shared below. Chris Garcia from the City of Greeley is available to answer your questions or share additional insight into how materials were created. 

Local Branding Guidelines: 

Local 2020 Census Branding Document

Local Logos (based on sub-sections of our communities):
These logos are in English and Spanish. To download a logo: Click the link to the image you want, when the logo shows up, right-click and select "Save Image As", complete by naming the file your desired name. 

Business (Black Text | White Text)Negocios (Black Textt | White Text)
Families (Black Text | White Text)Familias (Black Text | White Text)
Immigrants (Black Text | White Text)
Inmigrantes (Black Text | White Text)
Neighbors (Black Text | White Text)
Vecinos (Black Text | White Text)
Residents (Black Text | White Text)
Residentes (Black Text | White Text)
Seniors (Black Text | White Text)Ancianos (Black Text | White Text)
Students (Black Text | White Text)Estudiantes (Black Text | White Text)
Youth (Black Text | White Text)Jóvenes (Black Text | White Text)

Census 2020_We Count Poster(Elizabeth)_11x17
Census 2020_We Count Poster(Group)_11x17
Census 2020_We Count Poster(Cristina)_11x17
Census 2020_We Count Poster(Cristina)_11x17_Spanish
Census 2020_We Count Sunrise Poster(Karesha)_11x17
Census 2020_Kids Count Poster(Victor)_11x17
Census 2020_Kids Count Poster(Victor)_11x17_Spanish
Census 2020_Ask Me Sunrise Poster(Paw Hsa)_11x17
Census 2020_Ask Me Sunrise Poster(Omar)_11x17
Census 2020_Ask Me Sunrise Poster(Omar)_11x17_Spanish
Census 2020_Shape Sunrise Poster(Dr. Brooks)_11x17
Census 2020_Shape Sunrise Poster(Dr. Brooks)_11x17_Spanish
Census 2020_Kids Count Poster(Sophia)_11x17
Census 2020_Kids Count Poster(Sophia)_11x17_Spanish

Local Elevator Pitches: 
  • 30 Second: We’re working locally to achieve a complete and accurate count for the 2020 Census. This is our chance to ensure our community is fully represented.
  • 1 Minute: We’re working locally to achieve a complete and accurate count for the 2020 Census. This means bringing awareness to the importance of this process by engaging all segments of our community to participate. This is our chance to ensure our community is fully represented.

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