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Bike to Work Day Unites

By Amanda Lalonde, MPH


As a Greeley native who regularly rides her bike, for either transportation, exercise or leisure, I have learned a few things along my journey.

  • First, bicycling is a community. The friendly hellos, waves and smiles from other riders, walkers, runners, and other strangers connects us. Even though we may never know each other’s name, knowing we are sharing a common interest creates a unique bond.
  • Second, people are kind. I cannot count the number of times someone stopped to help me fix a flat tire or dodged a puddle to avoid splashing me on a soggy day.
  • Lastly, bicycling welcomes all. Over the years, between evolving technology and opportunities in Weld County - no matter who you are, your ability or fitness level - if you are open to experiencing bicycling, the resources, people, and places are available for you to enjoy an adventure.

The optimist in me envisions the bicycling community growing within Weld County; thus allowing us to celebrate our humanness together. It is a unique way we can safely reveal our individual identities through a common interest. Weld County represents a rich collective of people and I believe Bike to Work Day is a day we unite and celebrate. Some people bike, some walk, some scoot, some roll, some head to work, some to school, and some join in for the exercise, breakfast and/or comradery. Whatever the reason, Bike to Work Day is more about coming together to celebrate our humanity and unifying us as a community, with the added benefit of raising awareness of active transportation, safety, and embracing a mutual respect of cars and cyclists sharing the road.

BikeToWorkThis year, I invite you to dust off the bicycle or put on your sneakers and join us in celebrating our humanity in Greeley, Evans and Windsor on Bike to Work Day. This year we unite on Wednesday, June 26, 2019, with breakfast stations beginning about 6:30a and afternoon pit stops at various businesses throughout the day.  For more information regarding Bike to Work Day, visit

Need help preparing for the ride? REI provides some great learning opportunities related to Bike maintenance.

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