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Driving Greeley, Protecting Greeley

Planning for a Greeley of the future means the city must keep up with its residents so it can continue to provide excellent public service, allow entrepreneurs and businesses to flourish, support hardworking families, and build infrastructure so that we can continue to make Greeley a great place to call home. This November, the city may ask voters to consider three ballot measures to tackle much-needed improvements to our infrastructure and public safety.

Driving Greeley: Infrastructure Improvements

Driving Greeley combines two potential 2024 ballot measures to make sure the city can keep up with where our dynamic residents are going.

Together, these two measures will:

  • Fund critical transportation infrastructure and safety programs
  • Support services and facilities for kids, seniors, and people with disabilities
  • Fund critical public safety and security programs

These two measures mean no new taxes:

  • One simply involves the continuation of an existing sales tax, which has existed for over 30 years; and
  • The other allows the city to benefit from a federally subsidized program for transportation infrastructure.

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Protecting Greeley: Prioritizing Public Safety

The best way to make sure Greeley remains safe is by investing in our police and firefighters. New funding would help keep our first responders safe by ensuring adequate staffing levels, time and resources for training, and other support equipment important for officer and firefighter safety.

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What’s at Stake

Greeley takes pride in being a place where families can raise children, work, and retire. Your support of these measures will ensure Greeley remains an ideal place to call home.

Without your support, we risk underfunding our fire and police departments, leading to slower response times and reduced safety for our community. Critical upgrades to our infrastructure, including roads and public facilities, will be delayed or canceled, resulting in deteriorating conditions and increased commute times. Our city's progress and the well-being of our families depend on these measures—failure to pass them could set us back years and compromise the vibrant, secure community we cherish.

Greeley Community Meeting: July 11, 2024

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