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2019 Changes to Greeley Water Conservation Rebate Programs


Since 2006, the Greeley Water Conservation Program has offered rebates on toilets and high-efficiency clothes washers.  The program for indoor residential rebates will be discontinued in 2019.  This change is due to efficiency in products, statewide regulations, and waning interest in Greeley’s indoor rebate programs.

“Manufacturers have made products much more efficient in the last ten years,” said Ruth Quade, Greeley’s Water Conservation Coordinator. “Also, the State of Colorado set higher efficiency standards for toilets in September of 2016. Fewer people are also participating in our programs,” Quade said, “we are working on developing new and more effective ways to partner with our community on water efficiency.”

A program that pairs well with the rebate program is water conservation audits. “This November is a great time to sign up for an indoor water audit, as our staff can make personalized recommendations on upgrades to your home, while still being able to participate in the rebate program,” Quade said. Please call 970-336-4228 to schedule an indoor water audit.  More information and an online sign-up form are available at

The deadline for the 2018 program is approaching. Products must be purchased between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018, and all applications must be submitted before January 15, 2019. Only City of Greeley water customers are eligible to participate. A complete list of program rules and application materials, are at or call 970-350-9874 for more information.

Rebates for irrigation equipment such as smart controllers, pressure-reducing valves, and rotary nozzles will continue in 2019.  In addition, rebates for commercial customers are still going to be available.

Release Date:
Nov 7, 2018
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Ruth Quade, Water Conservation Coordinator

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