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City of Greeley Continues Program to Protect Against Invasive Beetle

An emerald ash borer infestation could devastate Greeley’s tree canopy. With the pest’s location confirmed in nearby communities, Greeley officials want to help residents protect their ash trees from this destructive beetle. 

Greeley’s Residential Ash Treatment Program provides an affordable option for Greeley residents who own ash trees.  

Residents have until May 1 to apply for the 2023 treatment cycle of this program. A single treatment provides protection for three years. Applicants who participated in the program in 2020 will need to complete a new application for treatments this year and are encouraged to do so. 

Last year, Greeley’s program got more than 100 privately owned trees the treatment they need to survive the invasive and destructive beetle when it arrives in Greeley. 

What’s the risk in Greeley 

In May 2020, officials discovered the pest north of Fort Collins. That came just after officials confirmed the beetle near Berthoud in 2019. To date, officials have not identified the pest in Greeley. 

For Greeley, an infestation could mean damage to thousands of ash trees. They make up about 15% of the local forest. The city owns about 5% of Greeley’s ash trees and the rest belong to private property owners. 

“We strongly encourage property owners to look into preventative measures and protect their ash trees,” said Greeley Forestry Manager Shiloh Hatcher. “This program can help a lot of Greeley’s trees, and we certainly hope to increase the number of protective treatments each year.” 

How the program works 

Simply put, this program allows residents to pay the City of Greeley to treat their ash trees. The city will hire a licensed pesticide applicator to provide preventative treatments. 

Once city residents submit their application, a city inspector will visit the applicant’s property to assess any or all existing ash trees. The program will notify the applicant of the results —including measured tree sizes, tree conditions, and an estimated cost of tree treatment based on the size of the trees. 

Preventative treatments provide a low-cost solution to help protect trees and reduce the impact on the community forest once the insect arrives in Greeley.     

Other benefits offered by the program include: 

  • Avoiding expensive removal of trees not preventatively treated  

  • Protecting the long-term benefits of trees 

  • Protecting the landscape value of property 

  • Prolonging shade on residents’ property 

  • Reducing the overall number of ash trees that will need to be removed in Greeley when the beetle arrives here. 

To sign up for the program, go to and then: 

  1. Read the program rules and regulations 

  1. Submit an application through the “Residential Ash Treatment Program” portal 

  1. Get an initial inspection by the City of Greeley 

  1. Receive a prompt for payment to the City of Greeley if your trees qualify 

  1. All qualified properties will get scheduled for treatments 

  1. Treatments will take place between June 1 and July 31 

The cost of treatment through this program will depend on the total number of participants in a given year. If more residents participate in the program, individual costs may be lowered.  

Please check for up-to-date information about this project at For more information about this program, contact Forestry Manager Shiloh Hatcher at 970-351-5150 or

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Release Date:
Mar 24, 2023

Forestry Manager Shiloh Hatcher 


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