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Downtown Parking Open House


When Greeley officials implemented the new parking management system earlier this year, their plan outlined an annual parking review. As part of that process, Greeley officials want to talk about downtown parking at an open house meeting from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 4, at the Greeley Ice Haus, 900 8th Ave.

The Dec. 4 open house meeting will offer a chance to look at parking data, usage, and other numbers showing how the new parking management system has functioned so far this year. Additionally, the meeting will provide the public an opportunity to review the proposed adjustments and make comments. 

In April 2019, Greeley implemented a new parking management system. The new parking system had four goals:

  • Maintaining two-hour free parking during weekdays and free, no-limit parking for evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Adding a pay-to-stay option so visitors can choose to leave their car in place longer if they wish.
  • Implementing a program that encourages more parking availability in high-traffic and centrally-located downtown areas.
  • Reducing enforcement hours in the evening by an hour, stopping at 5 p.m. instead of 6 p.m.

To administer many of those improvements, Greeley began using license plate recognition technology and the Passport Parking app.

Anyone wanting to visit downtown and staying less than two hours does not need to use the app. If someone knows they will stay longer than two hours or is not sure how long they will stay, they can use the Passport App or dial 877-959-4718 and pay for extended parking over the phone.

To increase available parking in high-use areas downtown, Greeley officials created Orange Zone Parking. This special parking zone — located in the heart of downtown — offers two-hour free parking; free evening, weekend; and holiday parking, and pay to stay options. However, if any downtown visitors want to stay longer than two hours in the Orange Zone and do not want to pay, they must move their vehicle at least two blocks or leave the Orange Zone to restart their two-hour free parking time.

Parking data showed the majority of downtown parking areas had numerous spots open throughout the day. Just a few centrally located areas — in what is now the Orange Zone Parking — became mostly full during peak hours. These downtown parking improvements encourage longer-stay drivers to park near the outer edges of downtown and make those centrally located spots more available for short-stay downtown visitors.

Downtown Greeley offers more than 2,000 free two-hour parking spots to downtown visitors. Evening, weekends, and holidays are free, no-limit parking in all spaces, including permit lots.

More information and details about parking management and downtown parking, including digital maps and instructions, are online at and anyone with questions or concerns can email or call 970-350-9641.

For more information about the open house meeting, contact Public Works Deputy Director Will Jones 970-350-9751 or

Release Date:
Nov 18, 2019
Public Works Deputy Director Will Jones

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