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Greeley Boxer Competes in Silver Gloves

Andrez Velasquez, an 8 year old boxer from the Rodarte Community Center’s Hard Knocks Boxing Club, has only been boxing for roughly 8 months. Velasquez has seen only one opponent thus far in his boxing career, yet found himself competing in the prestigious National Silver Gloves Tournament in February.

Velasquez, a student of Shepardson Elementary School in Fort Collins, began boxing in Cheyenne, WY before he joined the Rodarte Community Center’s Hard Knocks Boxing Club under their Head Coach Glenn DePriest. He competed unopposed at the November State Silver Gloves Tournament in Boulder. Velasquez then advanced to the Regional Silver Gloves Tournament in Compton, CA in January and was a walkover Champion.

Per Jeanne DePriest, with USA Boxing, “the Silver Gloves is an advancing Tournament meaning you must win the State to advance to Regionals and win Regionals to advance to the Nationals. We took Velasquez to the National Silver Gloves Tournament in Independence, MO. This was his 2nd bout. He lost to a boxer with 20 bouts experience, but was able to go the distance (all 3 rounds) during the competition. He put up a great fight!” Velasquez competed against Isaac Taylor from Oregon at the national tournament.

The Rodarte Community Center’s boxing program offers both a recreational and competitive track for youth and adults wanting to learn or compete in the sport. Participants learn the basic techniques of boxing, work out at the center and practice sparring. For more information about the program, please visit  or call 970-350-9430.


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