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myGreeley: A New Campaign Highlighting the Greeley Community

Following the success of “Greeley Unexpected,” a six-year promotional campaign designed to challenge deeply held misperceptions about the namesake Colorado city, officials announced the launch of myGreeley, its next-generation campaign, in March. 

Rather than focusing on changing minds, however, the new campaign is more about celebrating the community itself. The myGreeley campaign focuses on bragging points. myGreeley is a fun, organic way to highlight all the things that as Greeley-ites we are proud of, excited about, eager for, or otherwise want to celebrate as a point of pride in our community. The life of this campaign is generated by the people of Greeley – sharing their unique stories and moments that highlight all the great experiences within reach in this community.

The shift in direction, explained director of communication and engagement Kelli Johnson, was prompted in part by an important realization. 

“We all have our own reasons for calling Greeley home,” Johnson said. 

“For some, it’s the small-town vibe with big-city amenities; for others, it’s the cultural diversity. For others, it’s the seemingly limitless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Whatever brought you here – and whatever keeps you here – there’s really no wrong answer,” said Johnson. “That’s what we want to celebrate with myGreeley. This is a special place. And the more we know about it, the more special it seems to get.”

myGreeley is slated as a multiyear, multi-themed campaign exploring various qualities of life associated with community well-being. Year one will focus on lifelong learning, and the city is hoping individuals will help spread the word by participating in the conversation and generating the grassroots, viral buzz that helps us all celebrate our Greeley. 

Anyone can visit the myGreeley website at and share their story. By story, we mean a short little something that highlights a fun learning experience, or learning moment. Something as simple as, “In my Greeley, I learned how to make lotion out of goats’ milk after talking with a local company.” We’ll be featuring select submitted stories on the myGreeley website and social channels. Several lucky folks whose story we feature will win some cool swag just for sharing their story. Greeleyites and Greeley fans can connect and share stories through the website or on Facebook (myGreeley), Instagram (cityofgreeley), Twitter (greeleygov) and YouTube (myGreeley)

“We’d love to hear about the things people have learned here in Greeley,” Johnson said. “Whether it’s a third-grade teacher who opened your eyes to the region’s natural beauty or the first time you tasted a locally grown roasted chili at the farmers market.”

Meanwhile, over the next several months, everyone will see a number of Greeley residents sharing their stories – about their Greeley – on billboards, in print ads, and via social media. 

Release Date:
Feb 28, 2020

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