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New Data Reinforces Importance of City Efforts

The new COVID-19 location data released by the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment gives the community an important, if daunting, look at the severity of the public health crisis in Greeley.

This increased transparency shows the vast majority of COVID-19 cases reside in Greeley, along with its neighboring cities. This new look at the public health of the county reinforces the importance of the city’s efforts to protect the community.

These numbers show the widespread impact on our community and demonstrates the importance of recovery efforts, including the city’s partnership with the Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce to establish a Business Recovery Fund.

“The City of Greeley will continue working diligently with the county health department to help in their efforts to protect and support this community in its time of need,” said Greeley City Manager Roy Otto. “These new numbers at first feel shocking, but they give us better information and help us make more informed decisions.”

“This new information only strengthens our resolve and confirms the need for our work on the personal isolation facility,” said Mayor John Gates. “I know closing city facilities, parks, and events makes life more difficult, but this data shows the importance of continued strong and decisive action to protect our community.”

City officials continue work to open and operate a Personal Isolation Facility – in partnership with Weld County – helping reduce demand for beds in local hospitals by offering a safe place for patients, with no other option, to recover.

All non-emergency City of Greeley facilities remain closed to the public through April 30 – as do all playgrounds, skateparks, restrooms, and drinking fountains.

City officials and staff will continue educating and informing the public in an effort to give them the tools to protect themselves and the community. Greeley’s emergency management teams will not stop working to support the numerous functions and elements that keep Greeley safe and operational. 

As the county seat, Greeley houses a significant portion of Weld County’s population, and many Weld County jobs operate in Greeley, bringing even more people into the city for essential trips and tasks. As an urban area, it’s understandable that the statistics for Greeley and its neighboring cities are higher than other smaller, and more rural, towns throughout Weld County.

Greeley includes seven long-term care facilities and two major hospitals, creating unique challenges in our community’s fight against COVID-19. The city’s emergency operations team works daily with those facilities to help ensure they have the necessary personal protective equipment and resources to contain the virus and protect their residents.

Release Date:
Apr 17, 2020

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