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Snow Removal from Sidewalks

Greeley residents, property managers and businesses are reminded that city codes require that snow and ice be removed from all public sidewalks within 24 hours after the end of a winter storm. This is important so pedestrians, especially school children and the physically-challenged may safely use the walkways. If gone an extended time, residents should make arrangements to have their walkways cleared. This will prevent a code violation and also make your property appear to be occupied which can help prevent a burglary.

The term “sidewalk” includes areas improved with concrete or similar materials as well as areas within a street right-of-way actually used or capable of being used by the public as pedestrian walkways even though the area is not paved. Residents of properties where the back or side yard face a street must clear sidewalks in those locations in addition to the front walk. The entire width must be cleared, and across driveways and alleys. Snow removed from private property may not be placed onto any street, gutter, sidewalk or other public areas.

Failure to clear public walkways is considered to be a code infraction. To report a property where the sidewalk has not been cleared, please call the City of Greeley Code Compliance office at 970-350-9833 with the address of the property. If you leave a message after hours, please leave your name and call back number so that staff may contact you for more information if needed. Reporting party information is kept confidential.


Release Date:
Dec 8, 2016
For Immediate Release
For more information, contact:
Joe Collins, Code Compliance Inspector II

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