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Temporary Use Zoning Permit Limits Suspended for Weather Emergency Uses

The City of Greeley Community Development Department announced today that the typical Temporary Use Permit limits of 90 days is being suspended through the end of 2018 for any uses related to this year’s weather emergencies.

Temporary uses related to the hailstorms from late summer are still required to submit and receive a Temporary Use Permit, found at the City’s website at

Qualifying temporary uses may include insurance claim adjusters, auto repair service, vehicle storage, and construction firms.  Questions about qualifying uses may be directed to the City.  Any other required permits, such as electrical or rights-of-way permits, remain necessary, and user must still receive permission from property owners.  Typical other temporary uses, such as carnivals, sidewalks sales, or Christmas tree sales should seek permits as normal and will remain subject to typical time limits.

“Various temporary vendors and services were established immediately following the weather events from this summer,” noted Community Development Director Brad Mueller.  “Most of these have played by the rules and received proper zoning and building permits.  As we have begun to appreciate the magnitude and longer-term impacts of these storms, however, it has become apparent that citizens will need these support services beyond the typical time limits allowed for temporary uses.  This suspension through 2018 will allow Greeley residents and businesses to continue to receive the services necessary for their vehicles and structures.”

Questions can be directed to the City of Greeley Community Development Department at 970-350-9786, or on-line at .

Release Date:
Oct 4, 2018

For more information, media representatives should contact:

Brad Mueller, Community Development Director

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