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Living Up to Our Core Values

It has been almost three years since City of Greeley staff adopted a list of core values to help guide service provision to our residents and others. 

We use “We ASPire” to remind ourselves of how these values should guide our everyday work . . . Applied Wisdom, Excellence, Accountability, Stewardship, Principled Relationships, and Integrity. 


These values are posted in every department and in an effort to help get these values off the wall poster and into our organizational culture, employee groups have been meeting over the last few months to simplify the definitions and add images as a way of making the values more understandable and relevant.  These images are known as Habitudes. 

We’re using Habitudes as a teaching tool because some people learn better through images and visual cues.  The Habitude images and revised definitions were reviewed at our Nuts & Bolts leadership training for half of our management employees in September (training for the second half of management employees will be in March), and the core values are now incorporated into classes available in the Employee Training Catalog.  Beginning in January, the values will also be a component of all orientations for new employee.

Another next step we’ve taken is to begin gathering and publishing instances of individual or team actions and accomplishments that exemplify use of one or more core values.  We know these will include outstanding examples of how staff interact with colleagues and customers. 

We are working as a team to deliberately bring out the best in our organizational culture every day of the week and will continue this effort well into the future. 

Roy H. Otto
City Manager

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