Rankings and Recognitions

We like to recognize all the things that make Greeley a thriving community: student athletic and academic achievements; positive partnerships between businesses and schools; national rankings; and local, state and national awards earned by our non-profit, civic, business and government workers.

These recognitions aren't a pat on the back from locals to locals; rather, they're awards and kudos given from outside the community to those in Greeley who deserve it.

At each City Council Meeting, we recognize the people, organizations, and businesses that make Greeley great.  Visit GTV8 to view videos of the presentations. 

What’s Great About Greeley: August 2018

With these announcement we are appreciating the good work of our residents, showing support for their efforts, and encouraging everyone to share the word that Greeley is great.

Greeley Police Department Lip Sync Challenge
Who knew Greeley’s Police Department was so talented?!  A big kudos to all the GPD personnel who took part in the recent lip sync challenge that has been taking social media by storm.  The two-minute video has been watched over 704,000 times, with 42,000 Likes, 20,000 shares and over 1,600 comments. Cameos include Greeley Mayor John Gates, City Manager Roy Otto and of course our men and women in blue.

University of Northern Colorado: $500,000 Grant for Renewable Energy Project
The University of Northern Colorado has received a $500,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment for a renewable energy project that will cut the university’s electricity costs and carbon emissions. The funding will allow UNC to purchase and install solar arrays on the roof of Parsons Hall on east campus. The system will produce about 4.7 million kilowatt hours of electricity (the average consumption for a U.S. home is about 11,000 kWh annually).  This is the second solar project on campus and is anticipated to be up and running in spring 2019.

Appointment to Governor’s State Interagency Coordinating Council

Congratulations to Hasan Zaghlawan, Assistant Professor for Early Childhood Education at the University of Northern Colorado for being appointed to the Governor’s State Interagency Coordinating Council  as a representative of higher education.

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