The City of Greeley Art Collection
The City of Greeley recognizes the importance of art forms in public buildings and places and acknowledges the diversity of the public which appreciates such art. It is the intent of the City to accept art which recognizes and fosters a broad range of social, cultural and historic values. Further, it is the City’s objective to encourage the donation of public art which is memorable, thought-provoking, enduring, and which can be located in a setting appropriate to the environment and the art form.
The Art Collection consists of over 300 works of indoor art and about 90 pieces of outdoor art that have been donated, gifted or purchased since 1967. To keep the indoor collection updated with current work, the City of Greeley purchases several pieces of art each year from the Tointon Gallery Arts Picnic Fine Art Exhibit.

Indoor Art Catalogue (.pdf)
Outdoor Art Catalogue (.pdf)

Click here to download Art Donation Form (.pdf)