2060 Comprehensive Plan

Greeley 2060 Plan

The 2060 Comprehensive Plan was formulated in several phases: an initial community assessment; definition of a vision statement and evaluation of growth alternatives; identification of key community development components; goal development and plan implementation. Citizen involvement drove each of these phases of plan development and will be integral to its execution.

Founded on the principles of “temperance, religion, education, agriculture, irrigation, cooperation, and family values,” the original Union Colonists envisioned a “utopian” community on the high plains of northern Colorado. One hundred-forty years later,contemporary residents again imagine a remarkable future for Greeley, articulated in this 50-year planning document.

This City of Greeley 2060 Comprehensive Plan becomes the fourth master plan formally adopted by the City Council beyond the original settlement of the community. It was crafted with help of the Citizen Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) - a broad cross-section of citizen volunteers, which logged well over 2,500 hours in its nine-month Plan development and community review. Using the framework of the Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2000 as its foundation, six questions stimulated the review and recommendations:

  • Who are we?
  • What aspects of the community have developed or changed over time?
  • How do we perceive our community?
  • What areas of our community need attention?
  • How do we envision our very best future?
  • How do we get there?

Based upon this community self-assessment, this 2060 Comprehensive Plan is formed around a Community Vision Statement, supported by nine Community Values and Guiding Principles. These goals are interwoven throughout the Plan and form the basis for policies and implementation strategies. The Plan recognizes the dynamic nature of a changing world, and the ability to succeed that will come from deliberate actions to move the community toward its desired future self by recognizing the opportunities that occur with this investment in planning.

This Plan is purposeful and mindful of the course it charts to help Greeley, and its residents of today and tomorrow, achieve a remarkable future.

You can read it in its entirety (large file) or download and read chapters separately.

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