Neighborhood Studies

The City Council approved two neighborhood studies in 2004 and two in 2006. The projects include public infrastructure improvements such as new street lights, fire hydrants, sidewalks, access ramps, a revolving loan fund for private residential improvements, as well as organizational assistance through neighborhood building block programs like neighborhood and business watch, block parties and neighbor labor.

West 10th Street Corridor Neighborhood Study

10thStProj_FireService_newPDF4.92 MB Download
10thStProj_LightServicePDF3.26 MB Download
10thStProj_BusStopsPDF810.65 KB Download
10thStProj_BusRoutesPDF2.30 MB Download
10thStProj_NonPotableWaterPDF2.08 MB Download
10thStProj_SidewalksPDF2.16 MB Download
10thStProj_FireServicePDF4.92 MB Download
10thStProj_StormWaterPDF1.99 MB Download
10thStProj_SewerPDF2.10 MB Download
Electric Services AvailabiltiyPDF737.04 KB Download
10thStProj_StormWaterPropPDF2.07 MB Download
StreetCondition8x11PDF924.91 KB Download
StudyBoundaryPDF913.90 KB Download
Waterline Services AvailabiltiyPDF668.01 KB Download
West 10th St Corridor Neighborhood StudyPDF6.20 MB Download
WheelchairRamps8x11PDF904.09 KB Download
10th St Census DataPDF2.05 MB Download
10th St Historical DesignationPDF10.89 MB Download
10th St Neighborhood WatchPDF322.09 KB Download
10th St Structure and Parcel AnalysisPDF7.58 MB Download
10th St Zoning Map and AnalysisPDF58.47 KB Download

UNC Neighborhood Study

UNC Area StudyPDF1.11 MB Download

Sunrise Neighborhood Study

Sunrise Neighborhood StudyPDF807.39 KB Download

Smaller studies

Additional smaller studies include: North Downtown, East Maplewood, and Billie Martinez/Scott-Epples Neighborhoods.

The City also partnered with Weld County in 2007 to evaluate East Greeley's future needs and influences.