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Most of 10th Street’s work has moved back behind the curb on the north side of the road between 30th and 35th avenues. That means more road and less space taken up by cones, barrels and other traffic control devices.

Periodically small closures will still take place as needed by the construction work, however, traffic should generally flow through the construction area with a bit more ease these next couple weeks.

In about three weeks, work will wrap up on the northern side of 10th Street between 30th and 35th avenues and move to the southern side of the street.

The amount of recent rain and hail in Greeley slowed construction progress a bit, but officials still plan to finish the west end of the project by December. Construction delays earlier this year require the remainder of the 10th Street project — 10th Street between 23rd and 27th avenues — to be completed in 2020.


The 10th Street corridor is one of the most heavily traveled corridors in Greeley.
This City project aims to reduce vehicle delay and accidents, increase transit efficiency, reduce vehicle emissions, and improve active transportation through pedestrian and bicycle environment enhancements for users of this corridor.
The first stretch of the project, 10th Street between 27th and 30th avenues, took place in 2015. That work removed and replaced the old asphalt and concrete pavement, improved the roadway, and installed new curbs, gutters, medians, sidewalks, and landscaping.
Now that project continues by improving two stretches of 10th Street — from 23rd Avenue to 27th Avenue and between 30th and 35th avenues. Design and engineering is funded through Congestion Management Air Quality (CMAQ) funds.

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