65th and U.S. 34 Intersection Improvements



This afternoon, 65th Avenue north of the U.S. 34 bypass intersection will open to traffic. Traffic barrels will mark out the lanes and temporary traffic patterns as crews continue work to finish the 65th Avenue project.

Officials anticipate work should continue around the temporary traffic control through the first week of September. In that time, crews will pave the U.S. 34 bypass acceleration and deceleration lane at the end of the month.

Along with that, work will include installing the 8-inch water main at 28th Street, pond grading, building outlet structure, relocating the traffic signal box, and adding left-turn lane traffic light.

Project Background

Greeley’s growth and expansion to the west greatly increased traffic and congestion at the 65th Avenue and U.S. 34 Bypass intersection. To alleviate those conditions, the improvements will add three new lanes to the northern side of the intersection.

On the north side of the intersection, 65th Avenue has one lane heading north and three lanes going south — a left turn, a through, and a right turn lane. This expansion will add an additional northbound lane and two more southbound lanes — an additional left-turn lane and another through lane.

Additional dedicated lanes will help increase the safety of this frequently used intersection and should increase smooth and efficient traffic movement. Adding more lanes will not completely prevent backups at peak traffic hours, it should help move drivers along at a quicker pace.

This construction work will also close 28th Street to the east of 65th Avenue and create a detention pond to help with drainage and flooding issues.

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