Water Conservation Rebates

Residential Toilet Rebates

Only toilets that use 0.8 gallons per flush or less are eligible for rebates.  Residents need only a receipt and a completed application.  For each eligible toilet purchased can receive a $50 rebate; with a two-toilet rebate per household limit. 

Irrigation Rebates

To be eligible for an irrigation rebate, you must first complete an irrigation audit, during which certain products may be suggested to help you increase your water efficiency. These recommendations are personalized to your individual property. Rebate amounts will be determined by total heads, nozzles, or pressure-reducing valves installed and based on a 50 percent reduction of retail price. Eligibility for the rate is dependent on a return visit from the auditor to confirm that the recommended projects were installed properly and in the correct quantity. A re-measurement will occur at that time, and a new controller program will be provided.

Smart Controllers

Smart controllers (also called ET Controllers) reduce outdoor water use by using information about site conditions (rain, wind, slope, soil, plant type, etc.) and applying the right amount of water based on those factors to maintain healthy growing conditions. Because smart controllers can be more efficient than traditional, time-based irrigation controllers, they often reduce use by at least 25 percent, saving both money and water.

Rebates are available for qualifying smart controllers. We will pay for 50 percent of the cost of the controller, up to $300. You may need an irrigation professional to assist you in installation — but that cost is not included in the rebate.

The City of Greeley provides rebates for contractor grade ET based (weather adjusting) controllers, but does not provide rebates for retail grade controllers. After testing many different controllers in the field, the following have shown success for application in Greeley’s climate and soils:

Hunter Solar Sync®

·  Rain Bird® LNK WiFi Module

·  Toro Evolution®

Pressure-Reducing Valves

Some irrigation systems apply water at a very high pressure. This causes misting: a fine spray that appears as a fog over the system as it sprays. Rainbows are also often visible. Misting causes excessive evaporation and water drifting into other areas. A pressure-reducing valve will reduce misting by regulating the pressure and making your system more efficient.

Rotary Nozzles

Rotary nozzles operate by rotating a stream of water over the landscape instead of the mist produced by spray-head sprinklers. Installing rotary nozzles will increase uniformity and reduce overspray.

Commercial rebates

Water can be conserved in commercial, industrial, multi-family, non-profit and governmental properties by installing water efficient appliances and fixtures. In addition to the rebate program, we offer free indoor and outdoor audits to commercial properties and can help determine which products make sense for your organization.

Large scale projects, with rebates totaling more than $1000, should be pre-approved to make sure funds are available.

Please call (970) 336-4228 to make an audit appointment or to get a project pre-approved.

The list below contains details on all of Greeley's commercial rebates and items that can be requested for free.

Bathroom Rebates
Toilet (0.8 gallons per flush or less) -- MaP test score of 500 and above strongly recommended
Flush Valve Toilet or Urinal (1.28 gallons per flush or less) -- MaP test score of 500 and above strongly recommended
Recycle your old toilet or urinal - (in conjunction with the rebate only)
Bathroom Faucet Aerator
free upon request
Leak Detection Dye Tablets (for tank type toilets)
free upon request
Industrial Rebates
Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller
30 percent up to $900
Cooling Tower Meter (replaced every 5 years)
Kitchen and Restaurant Rebates
Ice Machine (water cooled to air cooled)
Dish Machine (high-efficiency)
25 percent up to $400
Refrigeration Condenser (water cooled to air cooled)
25 percent up to $400
Pre-Rinse Spray Valve (high-efficiency)
free upon request
Restaurant Table Tents (serving water upon request)
free upon request
Laundry Rebates
Coin Operated or Commercial Washer on qualifying list
Clothes Washer on qualifying list
Outdoor Rebates
Irrigation Rebates
see Irrigation Rebates
Water Broom (replacing hose sprayers)
50 percent up to $100
Commercial Car Wash Spray Nozzle (up to 300 per year)
$1 each

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