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Demonstration Gardens

The Water Department has created or partnered with the development of several demonstration gardens around Greeley to give customers ideas for water conserving gardens. Xeriscape (pronounced ZEER-ih-scape) is a term coined in the early 1980s by Denver Water to describe the use of native and climate-adapted plants in landscaping. Up until then, the typical yard was a blanket of bluegrass with a shade tree in the middle.

City of Greeley Water Conservation Garden

2503 Reservoir Road

This garden began in 1997. The term Xeriscape, while known, still had perceptions of rock gardens and cactus. The objective of the garden was to dispel the rock idea and show that Xeriscape can be a lush mix of perennials, annuals, ornamental grasses, bulbs, trees, and shrubs. Another misconception is that Xeriscape means no turf. This garden has four kinds of turf: Smooth Brome, Buffalograss, Blue Gramma, and a Fine Fescue blend.

The site boasts two spectacular pieces of artwork. "Oasis by Tim UphamOasis" by Tim Upham was the first 1% For Art Project completed in 2022 and is a tribute to Greeley 's founding fathers and their insight into assuring a water supply for the community. The fountain in front of the sculpture consists of twelve plates, each representing a month, and varying in depths to represent the average amount of precipitation for that month. “Blue Gramma” by Kevin Shaffer of Evergreen was created as part of Greeley’s Sculpture on Loan Program and installed in 2010. It is 12-foot-tall, powder-coated steel depiction of a species of native grass, and it was chosen by the public to be purchased by the City of Greeley.

Regional Gardens

Conservation Gardens at Northern Water at 220 Water Ave., Berthoud

Northern Water’s award-winning Conservation Gardens span several acres of the Berthoud headquarters campus to provide public education on various plants, turf and conservation techniques that can achieve water savings in landscapes. Overall, guests to the gardens will discover efficient irrigation methods and see more than 700 plants and 60 turf grasses that thrive in Colorado’s semiarid climate. 

Plant Select® Demonstration Gardens

Nearly 70 public gardens throughout the Rocky Mountains and High Plains area, including CSU Extension, libraries, fire stations, Xeriscape Demonstration gardens, public parks, etc. have acquired Plant Select® plants over the past years to create Plant Select® Demonstration Gardens.

Undaunted Garden at the Gardens on Spring Creek at 2145 Centre Ave., Fort Collins

This garden is designed by nationally-renowned garden designer Lauren Springer and is named after her bestselling gardening book. The garden demonstrates xeriscape principles in a dramatic, drought-tolerant, naturalistic composition with strong year-round interest, and it boasts the largest outdoor collection of cold-hardy cacti in the country. 

Waterwise Yards Gallery (an online collection)

Browse this strikingly beautiful inspiration hub full of successful landscape conversion projects and filter them by skill set, project size, yard type, sun exposure, time commitment, and cost.  




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