Non-Potable Water For New Development

Non-potable water is water that is not of drinking water quality but is used for irrigation and return flow obligations to comply with Colorado water law. 

Greeley has been using non-potable water for irrigation since 1870, delivered through a large system of ditches and laterals running through the City.  Most City parks are already served by non-potable water. Expanding use of non-potable water decreases the need for treated water, and is an important component in the future of water in Greeley. The City is currently developing a policy to encourage non-potable irrigation for commercial and residential development; this process includes obtaining feedback from developers, construction and engineering communities and conducting pilot projects.  A new non-potable master plan is currently being updated and will be published in late 2020.


Please contact Terry Farrill at 970-350-9813 or to provide feedback on non-potable irrigation for new development or inquire about being part of the pilot project. 

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