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Water Blog

  • 9 Benefits of Healthy Trees

    We are a community that loves are trees, but we often don't think about the benefits that trees bring to our families, community and environment. 
  • New Opportunities for Greeley’s Water Efficiency Efforts

    In 2020, the City of Greeley was chosen for two opportunities that will strengthen and enhance water efficiency efforts. 
  • Drive-Thru Utility Billing

    A drive-thru payment option is now available at City Hall. The service is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at the south side of City Hall.  
  • Toilet Paper and Wastewater System

    COVID-19 has resulted in a shortage of toilet paper and other paper products. In response, many have identified and plan to use replacement products such as facial tissues, wipes, paper towels, napkins, cloth, newspaper, and woven towels. If you have to use one of these alternatives to toilet paper, please don’t flush it down the toilet.
  • How the 1889 Greeley Waterworks came to be

    Learn the history of Greeley's 1889 Waterworks. 
  • Thirst For Appreciation

    One of our plant operators, Cayetano Perez, shared the following poem his wife, Gina, wrote that celebrates the hard work Greeley’s dedicated and certified professionals work to treat and deliver safe and sustainable drinking water.
  • Garden In A Box: Beautiful Landscapes Made Easy

    The Spring Garden In a Box Sale is sold out. Check back in July for new gardens to plant in the fall.
  • Why Worry About Mercury?

    When liquid mercury is spilled, it can emit very toxic vapors. When mercury enters waterways, it can contaminate fish tissue and other animals, relying on those fish for survival. 
  • Don't Flush Your Drugs

    You just cleaned up your medicine cabinet, and now you're left with a new problem. What to do with the unused or expired medication?  
  • Life After Lawn: Bluegrass Replacement Program

    Participate in the Life After Lawn program and City will pay eligible water customers to replace their thirsty bluegrass turf with a more sustainable Colorado Xeriscape landscape. Your first step is attending an informational class on February 19. 
  • Watch Your Water

    WaterSmart is a free online customized portal offered by the City of Greeley that allows you to answer questions about your household water use.   
  • Save Hot Water During Energy Action Month

    October is Energy Action Month and the perfect time to save energy, water, and money. Did you know that conserving water can reduce energy costs?

  • Shower Better

    The shower is a place where we can wake up, wind down, or clean up after a long day. But did you know it’s also a place where people are wasting water, energy, and money?
  • Purchase a Garden In A Box this Fall

    Garden In A Box kits are on sale in  July. Learn more about the gardens and purchase one or more for your yard. 

  • Smart Irrigation Systems: A Greener Idea

    To raise awareness of the benefits of efficient watering practices, the Irrigation Association has named July Smart Irrigation Month. Make time this summer to be sure you’re getting the most out of your irrigation system while keeping utility bills low and helping to protect the environment.
  • 6 Watering Tips for Sprinkler Systems

    Tips for watering your lawn with an irrigation system. 
  • Celebrate Drinking Water Week: May 5 - 11

    During Drinking Water Week, the city of Greeley Water Department joins the American Water Works Association and water professionals across North America in encouraging water consumers to get to know their local H2O.
  • Greeley Snowpack Update: Spring 2019

    Learn more about snowpack and what it means for Greeley's water. Here is an update for the 2019 water year. 
  • Beware of Sewer Cleaning Scams

    Dealing with a clogged sewer drains and sewage backups are problems that nobody wants. Here are some tips and ways to keep from getting scammed and to prevent backups. 
  • April is National Safe Digging Month

    As part of National Safe Digging Month, The City of Greeley encourages homeowners to call 811 before you dig. 

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