Water Blog

  • Greeley Snowpack Update: Spring 2019

    Learn more about snowpack and what it means for Greeley's water. Here is an update for the 2019 water year. 
  • Beware of Sewer Cleaning Scams

    Dealing with a clogged sewer drains and sewage backups are problems that nobody wants. Here are some tips and ways to keep from getting scammed and to prevent backups. 
  • April is National Safe Digging Month

    As part of National Safe Digging Month, The City of Greeley encourages homeowners to call 811 before you dig. 
  • Get Into Composting

    Composting is a practical and convenient way to transform yard wastes into a resource. Greeley is currently having a compost bin sale to help residents get started. 
  • Rain Barrels for Spring

    Spring is here.  It is time that you might be thinking about getting a rain barrel this year. 
  • Gardening With Microclimate Zones

    Each plant in the landscape has ideal conditions under which it thrives. These conditions have to do with the availability of sunlight, yearly temperature ranges, soil type, soil drainage, and water needs.
  • Water Main Break Season

    As temperatures fluctuate, the soil around our buried pipes is expanding and contracting, and that wears on aging infrastructure. 
  • 7 Steps of Xeriscape

    Xeriscape isn’t only types of plants; it’s a system.  Whether or not you install a full water wise garden, the 7 steps of Xeriscape are good landscape practices in Greeley’s semi-arid climate.
  • Some Things Just Don’t Belong in the Toilet...

    Toilets are only meant for one activity, and you know what we're talking about! When the wrong thing is flushed, results can include costly backups on your own property or problems at your local wastewater treatment plant. 
  • Easy Bath Hacks

    Are you handy? If not, here are a few quick bath hacks to help you gain a few skills to make simple fixes to your bathroom. 
  • Why is Compost Important for New Landscapes?

    Add compost to improve your new landscaping project. 
  • Water and Sewer Administrative Offices: Closed August 20

    The office at 1100 10th Street will be closed on Monday, August 20 while we move to the new City Center Building. 
  • Plants for Greeley Database

    Did you lose landscaping during recent hailstorms? If you are looking for replacements or just want to add something to your existing landscape, check out Greeley's xeric plant database. 
  • Enjoy Greeley's Award Winning Tap Water

    In many parts of the country, tap water is not always high quality. Greeley is lucky that we get our water from from Rocky Mountain snowmelt and that we collect our water close to the source. 
  • Successful New Lawns

  • Watering a New Lawn

    Tips on how to water new seed or sod.
  • Drinking Water Week 2018

    May 6 through 12 is drinking water week across the nation.
  • Pollinator Gardening

    How to bring butterflies, birds, moths, and don’t forget bats.  Yes, bats are pollinators too and provide mosquito control. These 10 steps will help most if not all of your winged visitors.
  • Spruce Up Your Sprinkler System and Save

    Now is the perfect time to spruce up your irrigation system. To get started, follow these four simple steps—inspect, connect, direct, and select.

  • Greeley Employee Wins Regional Award

    Zach Dahlgren from the Greeley Water Pollution Control Facility was awarded Analyst-of-the-Year from the Rocky Mountain Water Quality Analyst Association. 

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