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Water Blog

  • Butterfly Bushes Bring the Garden to Life

    Buddleia davidii (also written as Buddleja or Butterfly Bush) is available in over 100 species. 
  • Rain Barrels: Learn more on August 30

    Since August of 2016, rain barrels have been legal in Colorado. Greeley Water Conservation is offering a free class to give customers the knowledge and the skills to design and install a rain barrel system.
  • Watering Restrictions and Your Water Budget

    This year with the Water Budget in place for single-family residential house, we are allowing the homeowners to choose which days to water rather than following the days of the week watering schedule. 
  • Using Technology to Improve your Irrigation System Performance

    During the summer about 75 percent of your water goes to watering lawns with July being the peak water use month in the west. 
  • 10 Ways to Maintain & Upgrade Your Sprinkler System

    Your sprinkler system needs regular maintenance to keep working efficiently year after year. Here are 10 tips to make sure it is working properly.
  • 4 Ways to Protect Water from Drugs and Chemicals

    Here are four ways that you can protect local water quality. 
  • Water Budgets and New Lawn Installation

    It is essential that you apply for a variance whenever you plant sod or seed in a new or existing lawn that needs revived. For those single-family-residential customers on the water budget, this will set you on a uniform water rate for the establishment of the new grass.
  • Do you leak? It's time to stop it!

    Nobody likes to drip. No one likes to leak. But we still keep doing it. More than 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted in U.S. homes each year from easy-to-fix leaks.

  • Water & Sewer Line Insurance Mailers Are NOT a Notice From the City of Greeley

    Residents in Greeley may have recently received information about water and sewer line insurance. It is common for residents to be alarmed with the official looking notice that the City is “no longer covering their water and sewer pipes.” Although official looking, this is not a notice from the City of Greeley.
  • The Value of Water

    Many customers don’t understand all that goes into bringing Greeley’s clean, high-quality, award-winning water to your homes and businesses, 24/7. Greeley customers only pay around a half of a penny per gallon for clean water delivered to their tap.  Learn more on how Greeley's water department uses your rates to bring you water and improve our water system.
  • New Water Budget Will Most Likely Save You Money

    When Greeley’s new water rates take effect in February 2017, more than 80 percent of the city’s single-family residential accounts will likely see a drop in their monthly bills.
  • Call Before You Dig

    You may be working on a few final outdoor projects this fall. Building a deck? Planting a tree? Installing a mailbox?  811 is the number you should call before you begin any digging project.
  • A Legacy Of Efficiency: Greeley's Water Budget

    In 2013, we began putting an informational water budget on all single-family residential customers’ bills, showing them how much water they actually need. The next step? A rate structure based on that water budget, set to go into effect in early 2017.

  • Know the Rules on Water Conservation

    Know the rules on Xeriscape, rain barrels, and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures in Greeley and Colorado. 
  • New Water Budget Video

    The water budget is a guide to help you gauge how efficiently you are using water. Watch the brand new video and learn more about the program and changes coming in 2017. 
  • How Do You Know If Your Sprinkler Is Efficient?

    A sprinkler audit is a free service to Greeley water customers to determine how uniformly the system applies water to your lawn. The auditor will come out and run a series of test on the system.
  • Water Info on Your Smartphone

    Available on your smartphone or other mobile device, the Colorado Outdoor Water Regulation Guide, also known as H2ORegsCO, is an interactive application that connects users with current, accurate information at the tap of a finger. In addition to the H2ORegsCO application, Greeley’s Water Conservation Program has adopted a specialized web portal called WaterInsight. 
  • Greeley's Wastewater Treatment Plant Gets Energy Efficiency Recognition

    The City of Greeley’s Water Pollution Control Facility received an award from the State of Colorado for their outstanding achievements in energy efficiency. 

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