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Composting is a Great Fall Project

If you are interested in composting, attend Greeley's How to Compost workshop on September 27, 2017. The class is free, but RSVPs are required. 

Composting is a practical and convenient way to transform yard wastes into a resource. Compost can include grass clippings, leaves, yard trimmings, and vegetative waste. It can be purchased or made at home. Compost is used for conditioning soil. Below is a guide created by the City of Greeley and Weld County to help you get started with backyard composting. 

Here are a few reasons that you should be composting.

  1. Less trash! Compostable waste comprises about 24% of the average person’s yearly garbage.
  2. Soil amended with compost requires less water (as much as 30% less).
  3. Compost encourages healthy root systems, which decreases water to runoff on to paved surfaces.
  4. Compost can reduce or eliminate the use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides on your lawn and landscape.
  5. Never use streams or gutters to dispose of yard waste. Leaves can block catch basin and inlets allowing for potential flooding problems. In addition, they affect the oxygen contents in lakes and rivers and cause fish kills in waterways.

Here are some local composting and recycling resources for you.

  • The Greeley Organic Waste (GROW) Center accepts green waste such as: grass clippings, leaves, plants, tree branches, and other designated organic materials.
  • Common Good Compost is a local company that specializes in residential food waste collection. For a small fee, the company will pick up your food waste and convert it into high-quality compost.
  • Northern Colorado Disposal offers free drop off recycling center on the corner of 59th Avenue and O street.  It accepts paper, metals, plastics, glass, and cardboard. 

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