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Drinking Water Week 2018

DWW18Logo400x162EnglishMay 6 through 12 is drinking water week across the nation. Throughout the week, AWWA and its partners will celebrate water by recognizing the essential role it plays in our daily lives, with special attention to the future of water, water infrastructure and the economy, careers in the water profession, and source water protection.

Greeley’s water starts as pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt, is filtered for added purification, laboratory tested for your protection, and delivered to you. The Water Department uses the latest technologies and most effective practices to further improve the quality of drinking water. Since 1907, pure plentiful water has been a hallmark of our community.

Did you know that Greeley’s tap water is award winning? The City of Greeley won the thirteenth annual “Best of the Best” Tap Water Taste Test. The event, comprised of 34 regional winners from water-tasting competitions across North America, in June of 2017.

Greeley Water

Here are a few reasons on why you should drink tap water instead of bottled water:

  1. Bottled water costs 1,000 to 10,000 times more than tap water.

  2. Tap water must meet more stringent and much more frequently monitored health standards than those for bottled water.

  3. Eighty percent of plastic water bottles are not recycled, adding to the landfill.

  4. Each year, 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles. This is enough to fuel 100,000 cars or power 250,000 homes for a year.

  5. More than a quarter of the bottled water produced comes from municipal tap water.

Here are a few more drinking water tips:

  1. At restaurants, refuse a complementary glass of water if you do not plan to drink it. Every glass of water takes three additional glasses for washing, rinsing and chilling.

  2. Greeley drinking water surpasses all state and federal health standards. The City of Greeley has published a federally required annual Drinking Water Quality Report, for more than a decade. The latest report will posted on the web next month and will be included in the June water bills.

  3. Keep a container of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of waiting for the water to get cold before you fill your glass.

  4. Use one glass or water bottle a day to reduce dirty dishes.

  5. If you do not finish a glass of drinking water, don’t dump it down the drain. You can water a household plant, put it in a pet’s water bowl, or save it to drink later.

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