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Celebrate Drinking Water Week: May 5 - 11

DWW19Logo400x162ENGDuring Drinking Water Week, the city of Greeley Water Department joins the American Water Works Association and water professionals across North America in encouraging water consumers to get to know their local H2O.

In that spirit, below are some frequently asked questions about Greeley’s water system.

Is Greeley’s water safe to drink?
Yes. Greeley’s award-winning water continues to meet and exceed all state and federal drinking water standards according to the latest annual water quality report. Published in April, the federally required yearly report summarizes the quality of drinking water treated and distributed by the City of Greeley. The city routinely monitors drinking water for a long list of potential contaminants. 

In 2017, Greeley won the American Water Works Association’s “Best of the Best” Water Taste Test and People’s Choice Award  for best tasting water.

What is the source of Greeley’s water?
It’s all Rocky Mountain snowmelt. Greeley drinking water comes from surface water located in four river basins: Cache la Poudre River, Laramie River, Big Thompson River, and Colorado River.

Why does Greeley treat its drinking water outside of town?
Bellvue Treatment PlantGreeley's city leaders decided more than 100 years ago to get water near the mouth of the Poudre Canyon where water quality is much higher, rather than taking it downstream closer to Greeley. The city evaluated many options for expanding water treatment capacity, including building a new plant in town. The analysis determined that using and upgrading the Bellvue Water Treatment Plant and transmission system was in the community's best interest based on cost, water quality, water rights, and environmental concerns.

Does Greeley give or sells its water to other cities?
No. Greeley does not sell or give raw water to other cities but does charge several cities for treating their water. The city does not acquire water for other providers. Greeley treats and delivers—at cost plus a return—raw water owned by other water providers. Greeley does this for the city of Evans, the town of Milliken and also a portion of the town of Windsor’s water.

Greeley spends lots of money on its water system. Can some of that money be used for something else, such as road repair?
No. As a municipal enterprise funded program, Greeley Water and Sewer do not receive tax dollars to cover its costs. The funding for water and sewer comes from rates and fees and cannot be used for other city of Greeley expenses not associated with providing water and sewer services.

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