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Bellvue Water Treatment Plant Back in Operation

Release Date:
Nov 12, 2019

For more information, contact:
Nina Cudahy, W&S Deputy Director of Operations

The Bellvue Water Treatment Plant is back online after a planned maintenance shut down last month. The plant was shut down from Oct. 15 through 30 to accommodate several operational improvements, including infrastructure upgrades and significant system replacements.

The completion of these improvements increases operational efficiency, delivery capacity, and reduces operational costs. The City of Greeley Water and Sewer Department is thrilled by the success of these improvements that further the legacy of award-winning, high-quality source water reaching residents via the Bellvue Water Treatment Plant.

The Bellvue Water Treatment Plant has provided clean water to Greeley since 1907. In 2017, Greeley won the American Water Works Association’s “Best of the Best” Water Taste Test declaring it the best tasting in all of North America.

When possible, Greeley uses gravity to move water. For instance, the 30-mile transmission pipeline from the Bellvue Water Treatment Plant is designed for water to flow downhill, using gravity and not electric pumps.

Upgrades to Greeley’s water treatment plants will be ongoing as part of the City’s infrastructure improvement plans. The Boyd Lake Water Treatment Plant, which serves as Greeley’s peak demand and redundancy treatment facility.  Boyd is also used for a backup in situations when the Bellvue water plant needs to shut down for major maintenance, such as the recent shut down. Under normal conditions, the Boyd Lake plant stops production each fall when the summer irrigation season demands taper off. During the off-peak season, the Boyd Lake plant will receive chemical feed system upgrades, enhancements to the treatment process and construction to replacement of some failing electrical components. The 2020 budget for these projects is $5.5 million, and the improvements give the City better control over chemical dosage, winterization of chemical facilities prone to freezing, and improvement to treatment process and the electrical infrastructure for the industrial pumping at the facility.  

For more information about Greeley’s water, visit greeleygov.com/water.

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