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Water Press Releases

City Announces Timeline to Replace Irrigation Pipeline Along Reservoir Road

Release Date:
May 13, 2024

GREELEY, Colo. — Construction to replace a one-half-mile section of raw water irrigation pipeline along Reservoir Road begins May 29 and should last through October 2024. 

The pipeline due for replacement is known as the suburban lateral ditch, and it carries non-potable irrigation water to the University of Northern Colorado and city parks on the southwest side of downtown Greeley.  A section of the pipeline between 25th Street Road and 28th Street is corrugated metal. It has deteriorated over time and developed leaks. When that occurs, the city replaces the old pipe with a more durable material like concrete to reduce water waste.  

Two Phases

Phase 1 allows the city to construct the replacement pipeline while the existing pipeline is in service through July. Reservoir Road reopens in August and September. For phase 2, crews will connect the new pipe to the existing pipe after the ditch is taken out of service at the end of September.


The City of Greeley awarded the project to Coyote Ridge Construction, LLC, for $840,000.

“This project is significant to the city because it ensures the safe and efficient delivery of non-potable water to irrigate turf and landscapes at Cottonwood Park, Glenmere Park, the UNC campus, and Alles Acres subdivision,” said Ryan Duve, a water resources engineer with Greeley’s Water and Sewer Department. “Non-potable water is less expensive than treated water and reduces the demand on the city’s potable drinking water system.”

Traffic Impact

Although a complete closure of Reservoir Road may be necessary for a few short durations, motorists can expect a single traffic lane for much of the project. Both lanes will temporarily reopen after Phase 1 is complete. The city advises motorists to use an alternate route if possible. 


What is Non-Potable Water?

Greeley's raw water infrastructure consists of ditches, channels and irrigation pipelines that supply untreated water to pump stations. The city uses untreated water for sprinkler systems in parks, cemeteries, public golf courses, school campuses, HOAs, streetscapes and other private properties. Non-potable water is a valuable commodity for the city as it reduces costs associated with treatment and irrigation. 

Rain Garden Adds Benefit

Public Works will install a rain garden across from Montair Lane on Reservoir Road as part of the project. The garden aligns with the city’s “Clean, Safe and Beautiful” vision. The rain garden includes native shrubs, perennials, and flowers. It filters out stormwater pollutants and drains runoff in the street during rain events.


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