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Lawn Watering Begins Early: City Wide Watering Variance

Release Date:
Mar 16, 2017
For Immediate Release
For more information, media representatives should contact:
Ruth Quade, Water Conservation Specialist

Due to the unusually dry and warm weather the city of Greeley will allow some early spring watering. Normally watering doesn’t begin until April 15 but this year, watering will be allowed to start on March 20. For water customers on the water budget, an irrigation water requirement will be included into the calculation for the outdoor watering budget. This will provide enough to water to the lawn, water in pre-emergent and aerate without going over your water budget.

Watering Restrictions for the Season
Watering restrictions will be relaxed for the 2017 growing season for any single family residential customer who is on the water budget.  You may now water any day of the week to allow you the flexibility to watch the weather. Watering restrictions were originally put in place to manage the demand of the city during peak water use.  

Customers not on the water budget, including multi-family residential properties, commercial, industrial, institutional, and HOA common areas, should follow the established 3-day-per-week watering schedule, after April 15.

Sports and Athletic Fields
Athletic fields will also need to water early due to high traffic of early spring sports and wanting to avoid permanent damage to the turf.  These parks and fields include:

  • Monfort Park
  • Twin Rivers Park
  • Youth Sports Complex
  • Butch Butler Field
  • Forbes Field
  • Island Grove Multi-Use Fields & Field 5
  • Balsam Sports Complex

Limitations on the Water System
The Boyd Lake Treatment plant will be brought online early to accommodate this early watering but it cannot go from zero to full capacity in one or two days.  Also, one transmission line from Greeley’s Bellvue Treatment Plant is scheduled for maintenance and will be taken offline starting the last week of March. Please keep this in mind that spreading your watering over several days, will help with system capacity constraints.   

It is important to note that watering early in the season is to avoid stress damage and not to bring the landscape and turf out of dormancy.  If trees and shrubs come out of dormancy, they can be damaged by frost later on in the season. When watering, customers may want to use a hose-end sprinkler rather than turning on their sprinkler system.  Also, remember to disconnect hoses to prevent freeze damage.

Please visit greeleygov.com/wc for more information in water conservation in Greeley.


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