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Community Support



Several Greeley residents, business and community leaders have seen the merits of the Terry Ranch Aquifer Storage and Recovery project that will provide 1.2 million acre-feet of water for a future drought supply to supplement the city’s existing water sources.

This water is expected to supplement the city’s supplies during times of drought. During wet years, when existing supplies are sufficient for city use, the aquifer will be used for storage.

These community residents and leaders recognize the growing importance of providing adequate storage for water in this arid region, as well as the increasing competition among the Front Range for water storage.

All have agreed to lend their name and testimonials to this page, in collective support of this very important project to the city of Greeley.


Sherrie Peif

Longtime Greeley Resident and Journalist

Ilde Dominquez

Realtor with New Horizons

Becky Safarik

Former assistant city manager for Greeley

Debbie Pilch

Former City Councilwoman

Mary Lou Smith

Retired Staff of Colorado Water Center at Colorado State University


Bianca Fisher

Director of the Greeley Downtown Development Authority

Sandi Elder

Former Greeley City Councilwoman

Jamie Henning

Executive Director, Greeley Chamber of Commerce

Kevin Ross

Former County Commissioner

Phil Taylor

Longtime Greeley Resident

Fred Otis

Greeley Water Board Member

Bob Ruyle

Longtime Greeley Resident

Letters of Support

The Terry Ranch Project could soon become a vital addition to the city's existing water portfolio. Below, find a list of community supporters of this important water project. Their comments are theirs, and theirs alone. They have agreed to allow their support to be displayed on this page.

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Community Comments

"It is our personal and professional duty to protect Greeley’s water supply and the safety and welfare of the public.  On behalf of our staff and our Board I want to assure the Council and our citizens that the Terry Ranch project is not going to harm our water supply as some have claimed."

-- Harold Evans, chairman, Greeley Water and Sewer Board



“When implemented, the Terry Ranch project should serve the residents well into the second half of the 21st century. This is the kind of vision that W.D. Farr would be happy to endorse. It carries out the legacy of Greeley water pioneers of the past.”

-- Bill Farr, son of Greeley Water pioneer W.D. Farr


“As opportunities like this come along, which are very rare, if ever, it’s an opportunity that you all seize the moment … The pros of this project far, far, far outweigh the costs. …I appreciate all your work and the city’s work and all the science behind this.”

-- Craig Ramuson, president Atlas Energy Services


“There’s a saying in Colorado: Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting…  If some of the municipalities in the Front Range had the opportunity you’ve got, they’d be falling all over themselves.”

 --Roger Hollard, representing Stratus Investment Company