Each water meter for your property has its own unique 11-digit account number.  The first 9 digits of your account number are referred to as your “customer number.”  Your account number stays with your property. If you move to another house with Greeley water service, you’ll receive a new account number for the new address. Your persons per household and irrigable area (square feet) are the numbers used to calculate your water budget for your billing period. Please note that only single family residential customers receive water budgets. Learn more at EfficiencyRewarded.com. The meter information tells you when your meter was read and how much usage it recorded. In this example, the customer’s billing period is 8/28-9/28, and they used 50 thousand gallons (kgal). Each bill includes a chart of your 12-month water use history. If you are a single family residential customer, you will also see a 12-month water budget history to keep track of how well you have stayed within your water budget. If you are a water customer within city limits, you can view your water use history as far back as May 2008 at greeley.watersmart.com. If you are a single family residential customer, you will see water budget information on your bill. For more information about how your water budget is calculated, visit EfficiencyRewarded.com. Your total water budget is made up of indoor and outdoor components, which are also shown on your bill. For example, this customer’s total water budget is 28 kgal (and is made up of an indoor budget of 7
kgal and outdoor budget of 21 kgal). Your residential water charge is calculated by comparing your total water budget to your water use.
Your bill will display your water customer type for the account on your bill, how much water you used (kgal), the water rate ($ per kgal), and the amount charged for your water use ($). Your water customer type affects your water rate (s).  For example, this customer is charged residential water budget rates. If your water account is associated with a business, you would see “COMMERCIAL WATER” instead of  “RESIDENTIAL WATER.” If you are a water budget customer, you will see four tiers/rates displayed on your bill. If you are multi-family, commercial, industrial, non-potable, etc, you will just see one rate (and no tiers):<br />
<strong>Water Budget tier:</strong> covers any water use up to 100% of your water budget<br />
<strong>Inefficient Use tier:</strong> covers any water use falling above 100% and up to 130% of your water budget<br />
<strong>Excessive Use tier:</strong> covers any water use falling above 130% and up to 150% of your water budget<br />
<strong>Unsustainable Use tier:</strong> covers any water use falling above 150% of your water budget
The base charge (also referred to as the “service charge”) is a separate cost for the cost of maintaining your water service and water meter. Even if you don’t use any water, you’ll still receive a base charge (unless you contact the City to request that your water service be turned off). The base charge is a cost per 30 days based on your meter size, and is pro-rated based on the number of days in your billing cycle. Most residential customers have a 3/4 inch meter size. Your bill for Utility Service(s) may include charges for other services too. The Billing Summary section shows fees and charges associated with water, sewer, and/or stormwater. The line item for “payments” shows how much you paid on your last bill, and “bal fwd” refers to any balance remaining after you paid your last bill. In this example, “bal fwd” is $10.74 because the customer only paid $155.00 of their previous bill of $165.74. Learn more about rates and fees by visiting greeleygov.com/water-rates. Your charge for stormwater is based on a calculated area that reflects the size of your lot and a monthly utility rate per square foot (varies depending on the land use category for your property. If you would like to appeal this number or learn more, please contact Stormwater (336-4074). Return this lower portion of the bill with your payment. You can mail it back using the envelope provided in your bill or drop it off using the drop box located at City Hall. Visit greeleygov.com/utility-bill for more information about online and phone payment options.