City Of Greeley

Water Pipe Rehab in North and Central Greeley

Greeley is rehabilitating aging water pipelines in north and central Greeley. The City of Greeley’s Water Department has contracted with Mainlining Service, Inc. of Elma, New York to recondition approximately 33,000 feet of existing cast iron pipelines. This work will be done at several locations within the area between 5th and 22nd Streets and 8th and 40th Avenues. This project is scheduled to begin Friday, June 1, 2012 and will be completed October 15, 2012. 


These water pipelines, some of which are over 80 years old, are being reconditioned because the inside is corroding and filling up with rust. Over time, the flow and pressure of these pipes have been reduced due to the rust buildup and if left untreated will continue to get worse. Rusty colored water is also a byproduct of this aging condition.


The Greeley Water Department uses a reconditioning technique to solve this problem. Rather than using the old method of digging up the street and replacing the old pipe and pavement above it, this method uses much smaller excavation holes at the intersections. The existing underground pipe is cleaned in place and lined with a thin layer of cement. The new lining stops internal corrosion and extends the usefulness of the pipe by at least 50 years.


Using this process results in a significant cost savings. When compared to replacement, reconditioning cuts costs more than 50 percent. It also requires less time and has a smaller impact on the streets and traffic.


This project is just one example of the Water and Sewer Department’s commitment to invest in Greeley’s complex water and wastewater systems. Due to active leak detection and projects like pipeline rehabilitation, Greeley’s water system is very efficient; the water loss rate is about 5 percent, half of the industry standard of 10 percent.