City Of Greeley

School is in Session, That is a Signal to Turn Sprinklers Down

To increase your efficiency and to save money, the City of Greeley Water Conservation program encourages Greeley water customers to water less in September than they do in the heat of the summer in a month like July.  When the weather starts to cool down, about the time when school resumes, only use 1 or 2 of your assigned watering days.  Watering less often late in the watering season, will help your become more efficient in your lawn watering.

“Many people are good at ramping up their lawn watering, but forget to turn it down once temperatures start to decrease,” says Ruth Quade, City of Greeley Water Conservation Coordinator.   “Although temperatures might stay high in late August, it is hotter for a shorter period of time and therefore less water is needed,” Quade continued. 

Below is a suggested fall watering schedule.


per Week


Rotary Nozzles


Manual Sprinklers

September 2 10 42 60 40
Stop watering on 10/15
1 10 42 62 40

It’s recommended that you split run times into two back-to-back start times. Run the entire system once and then run the system again to let the water soak in to the grass. The non watering period between cycles should be about 45 minutes to 120 minutes for the best results.

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