City Of Greeley

Xeric Garden Update

Greeley’s Xeriscape Garden has been around since 1997, but it is always changing. From new plants in bloom to new projects, it is a dynamic place.

Work is currently being done on the hill in front of the Oasis public art installation on the west side of the garden. The fountain is getting refurbished, rewired, and cleaned up.  Wildflowers have been swapped out with groundcover plants and a dry river bed to mimic the foothills.  Ground cover plants like Cerastium, Thyme and Veronica are will be featured in this area.

Late blooming perennials like Gaillardia and Rudbeckia are currently on display at the Xeric garden.  Also many of our colorful annuals like Zinnias, Salvia, Allyssum and Purple Fountain grass are still thriving.

If you like gardening and want to know a little more about Xeriscape, you can volunteer at the garden.  Every Wednesday morning, volunteer “weed warriors” help out with projects and maintenance of Greeley’s Xeric Garden.  Send us an e-mail at or call 970-350-9874 to join the team.

To see Greeley’s Xeriscape Garden in all its glory take a walk through it at 2503 Reservoir Road.