City Of Greeley

Environmentally Friendly Fall Projects

Now that the temperatures are lower, you feel like being outside and doing those home improvement projects. Remember these projects have the potential to pollute.  Improperly disposed of materials pose a health threat to our waterways which include lakes such as the ones at Glenmere, Bittersweet, and Sandborn Parks, and ultimately these end up in the Cache la Poudre and South Platte Rivers.

Here are some easy environmentally friendly tips for those fall projects:

  • Use a garbage can for your trash. Recycle reusable materials. Littering is not just a nasty habit. It’s a real health threat – because plastic bottles, fast food wrappers and cups that are tossed on the ground carry germs and bacteria that can make you sick and pollute our waters.

  • Don’t put trash and litter on the ground; it will be washed into the local storm drainage system.

  • Sweep the dirt from your walk or driveway back into the yard with your broom, so it isn’t washed into the gutter and into the drainage system. Sediments accumulate and can over time choke out plant and fish habitats. Don’t use a blower to blow things away either—there is no away!  Compost it instead.

  • Pick up pet waste and dispose of it in the toilet or trash. Pet wastes carry disease-causing organisms that can make people sick and can pollute our waters. Hosing dirt and pet waste away sends it into the drainage system and directly to lakes and rivers, which can potentially affect drinking water supplies.

  • Dispose of any hazardous home chemicals at Weld County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center at 1311 N 17th Ave in Greeley. Use the least toxic products available in your home and garden.

  • Choose water-based paints such as latex. Wash brushes in your sink with water. If using paint thinner, reuse and recycle it. Solidified paint can be disposed of in regular household waste. Don’t pour any paint or toxic material down the storm drain or household drains.

  • Pick up and properly dispose of leaves and grass clippings. These can block catch basin and inlets allowing for potential flooding problems. In addition, they affect the oxygen contents in lakes and rivers and cause fish kills in waterways. Start a compost pile with yard waste. Never use streams or gutters to dispose of yard waste.