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School is in; it's Your Signal to Turn Sprinklers Down
People are good at ramping up lawn watering, but forget to turn it down once temps start to decrease.

Water Trees During Drought
Prolonged periods of summer drought dry out the soil, stressing not only bluegrass lawns ,but also urban landscape trees.

Prescription Drug Take-Back
Dispose of unwanted medication on September 29 in Greeley. Proper disposal keeps medication out of our water.

Xeric Garden Update
Learn more about the new volunteer program, landscape projects, what's in bloom, and more! Check in out at 2503 Reservoir Road.

Enviro Friendly Fall Projects
Planning any fall home improvement projects? Remember these projects have the potential to pollute.
Landscape Workshops
The City held a landscape best practices workshop and plans to offer more events in 2013. Check out the presentation.

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