City Of Greeley

Indoor Water Conservation Audits Can Make Your Home More Efficient

If you bathroom is pastel (like this one), it might be time for an audit.

The Water Conservation Program offers free indoor audits to water customers in Greeley. Audits are most effective for homes built before 1994. The Customers who participate in the program will receive recommendations to help customers become more efficient and has the potential to reduce utility costs.

The auditor examines all water use in the home. This includes leaks, high use appliances and fixtures, and other unintended uses of water. Participants will then receive a letter suggesting repairs, upgrades, and other ways to save water. A rebate from the City of Greeley is available to replace inefficient toilets and clothes washers.

This is a good time of year to make changes to indoor water use. Year-round sewer rates are tied to winter water use in Greeley. The sewer bill for a residential account is determined by averaging water use in January and February. The winter months are when the measuring takes place because that is when the highest percentage of water used is returned to the sewer system. If customers make water conservation changes this fall, they will save money on their 2013 wastewater bills all year long. In addition, energy costs can be reduced, since hot water uses gas or electric energy.

Greeley water customers can sign up for the indoor residential audit program by calling 970-336-4229 or register for the program online.