City Of Greeley

Wastewater Worker Recognition Week

Colorado Governor John W. Hickenlooper has proclaimed the week of April 21-27 “Wastewater Worker Recognition Week” statewide. The proclamation honors the work of about 4,000 certified wastewater treatment plant operators and thousands of engineers, maintenance personnel, laboratory workers, scientists, biosolids workers, sewer maintenance workers, industrial waste pretreatment workers, administrative staff, and suppliers to the industry.


The proclamation notes that water is a “valuable economic, environmental and recreational resource that should be protected.” It says, “Colorado’s wastewater treatment workers consistently work to improve the cleanliness of the state’s streams, rivers and lakes.”


The Greeley City Council also recognizes city wastewater workers for their professionalism and continued outstanding service to the entire community.  The City Council made a proclamation similar to the one signed by Governor Hickenlooper at the April 16th City Council meeting.


The Greeley Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) continues to take a lead in implementing City energy reduction programs.  In 2012, the WPCF received a Sustainability Award from the Rocky Mountain Environment Association for demonstrating excellence in program that enhances the principles of sustainability.  One example is the new 500kW solar farm at the WPCF that became operational last December and is projected to meet 10-15% of the plant’s total energy needs.  Also, as a member of the Colorado Industrial Energy Challenge, the WPCF was commended by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Energy Office last year for its achievements in energy efficiency and commitment to achieving on-going improvements to reduce energy costs.  Plant electrical costs in 2012 were reduced by more than $100,000 from the previous year.  “Our 5-year goal was to reduce energy costs 20% by 2016 and we have already met that”, said Tom Dingeman, WWT Division Manager.  Dingeman states that “other projects to reduce energy costs are soon to be implemented including one that will replace all outside building and area lighting with LED’s that are 71% more energy efficient.”


Group or individual tours of Greeley’s Water Pollution Control Facility are available for citizens to learn more about wastewater treatment.  Please call (970) 350-9360 for more information. Visit the Water and Sewer Department’s website for more on Greeley’s wastewater system.