City Of Greeley

Greeley Publishes Drinking Water Quality Report

Greeley's Consumer Confidence Report is published each June, as required by federal law. It is an annual summary of the quality of drinking water treated and distributed by the City of Greeley. This year’s report invites you to “Get to Know Your Water” and includes additional information about where Greeley’s water comes from and how it is delivered to you.


The City routinely monitors for a long list of potential contaminants in our drinking water. This is a report of drinking water testing conducted in 2012. The federal Safe Drinking Water Act establishes the water quality standards for public drinking water systems in the country, including Greeley’s. In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency prescribes regulations that limit the amount of certain contaminants in drinking water provided by public water systems. Tap water meets more stringent and much more frequently monitored health standards than does bottled water.


Greeley’s water starts as pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt and the Water Department uses the latest technologies and most effective practices to further improve the quality of our drinking water. Two water treatment plants make the water safe to drink in Greeley. The Bellvue plant is located at the mouth of the Cache la Poudre River canyon and operates continually throughout the year. The Boyd Lake plant in Loveland is a seasonal, peaking plant that operates during the lawn-watering season. Both plants are frequently upgraded to help Greeley’s drinking water meet and exceed state and federal standards.


Fifteen years ago, the Greeley Water Department began issuing annual Consumer Confidence Reports. Greeley water customers receive a copy of the report in their June water bills. Water customers who do not receive water bills and those who have water quality concerns or questions should call 970-350-9846. The report and additional information is available on the City of Greeley’s web site at