City Of Greeley

Greeley Pilots Program to Inform Residents of Their Water Use

The City of Greeley has initiated a pilot program to inform residents of their water use.  The WaterSmart program will allow 2600 randomly selected residents to receive personalized Home Water Reports, in print or via email, that track household water use, compare that to their neighbors, and suggest targeted conservation techniques. Those in the pilot program can also create a water savings plan, and update their information to get more accurate savings suggestions. There is no cost to customers who use this service. If successful, the program may go citywide.


“Greeley has always been known for using water to enhance the City’s quality of life.  As good stewards, we must do everything we can to protect water, our most precious natural resource,” said Greeley’s Water and Sewer Director, Jon Monson. “We are pleased to offer our customers this tool for improving water use efficiency.”