City Of Greeley

Greeley Water & Sewer Annual Summer Board Tour

Friday, August 16, 2013

7:00 am to 5:00 pm


Each year the Greeley Water & Sewer Board takes a tour of water and sewer facilities to observe new and developing projects.  A primary objective of this year’s tour is to survey the potential for solar farms at our treatments plants.  Members of the public are invited to be part of the tour.  Please RSVP to Yvonne Thornberg at 970-350-9818 by July 31st. Space is limited. The following sites will be included on the tour:

  • Solar Array and Biosolids at Water Pollution Control Facility
  • Hike at Milton Seaman Reservoir to observe effects of Hewlett Gulch Fire in 2012

  • Tour of Bellvue Water Treatment Plant

  • Hike to Overland Trail Gravel Pits slurry wall lining

  • Lions Park to observe mitigation efforts

  • Poudre Ponds expansion for environmental mitigation

  • Boyd Lake Water Treatment Plant

  • Gold Hill Water Tower
    A light breakfast will be served before the tour begins.  Lunch is at the Gateway Park. If, to effectively and fully participate in this tour, you require auxiliary aid or other assistance related to a disability, please contact Lory Stephens at 970-350-9812.