City Of Greeley

Suspicious Person Offering to Test Residents Water

The City of Greeley Water Department and Police Department wish to alert the community of a male party impersonating a City employee to gain entry into homes.  This came to light after the man attempted to gain entry into an actual City employee’s home on November 23.


The employee stated the man approached her home on Saturday purporting to be a city employee who was there to test her water and then provide information on how she might be able to conserve water in her home.  She turned him away saying she was not able to talk with him at that time, however he returned the next day, again, to “test the water.”  She refused him entry into her home.  The man is described as Hispanic, possibly in his 50’s, with salt and pepper hair. 


City of Greeley Water Department wants residents to know that anyone from their department will set up an appointment, not just show up unannounced, they do not schedule weekend appointments, and they will have a uniform.  Additionally, anyone from the City of Greeley will have identification issued by the city.


The Police Department reminds residents that anyone going door to door in the city is required to have a solicitor’s license obtained from the City with them at all times (not in the car.)  Additionally, letting any stranger into your home is potentially dangerous, so if someone arrives asking for entry, please use extreme caution before allowing them in. If you have concerns about anyone going door to door in your neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to contact dispatch and ask that an officer come by (970-350-9600.)