City Of Greeley

Public Art at the Greeley Xeriscape Garden

2503 Reservoir Road

Greeley's Xeriscape Garden was built in 1997. The objective of the garden is to show that Xeriscape can be a lush mix of perennials, annuals, ornamental grasses, bulbs, trees and shrubs. The garden presents native and climate adapted low water use plants to encourage people to incorporate these plants into their yards. Plants are also chosen to offer habitat and food for birds, butterflies, bees and other pollinators.  In addition to the beautiful and low water use landscaping at the Greeley Xeriscape Garden, there are two public art pieces on display.


In 1998, the Greeley City Council voted to put 1% of every Greeley capital improvement project into a fund to use for Art in Public Places. In 2000, "Oasis" was the first project to be completed. The City of Greeley Art Commission requested proposals that celebrate Greeley’s rich water history. Tim Upham, of Fort Collins, was awarded the bid based on his interpretation of Greeley’s water history. The sculpture and fountain celebrate our water history. Through a mesh depiction of the mountains with Greeley water pioneers.  The image is painted on Lexan (polycarbonate resin thermoplastic) and was inspired by a 1908 photo. The fountain is made up of twelve plates, each representing a month, and varying in depths to represent the average amount of precipitation for that month. Historic photos and explanations accompany the project.

In 2012, the hill between the art and the fountain were re-worked from a wild flower mix to lower growing ground covers.  The waves of lavender, purple, pink and white are planted to mimic the graded shades of purple you see when you look toward the Rocky Mountains.  The dry river bed represents the rivers bringing snowmelt to the prairie.


The latest addition is a Sculpture on Loan piece that was installed this spring. "Blue Gramma" is created by Kevin Shaffer of Evergreen. Mr. Shaffer strives to create art that fits it the environment and the piece fits well in the Xeriscape Garden. Blue Gramma is a 12 foot high powder coated steel depiction of a species of native grass. Sculpture on Loan program is an annual project of the Greeley Art Commission. Artists are asked to loan to the City their sculptures for one year. The artists receive a little money and publicity from the City of Greeley.  The Art Commission brought in 17 pieces, including Blue Gramma. Next spring, all but one piece will return to their owners and the Commissioners will jury in new artwork for the following year.